Industries Served

Many industries are served by efficient waste handling

Who uses our equipment?

  • Retail Food– Tremendous volumes of cardboard are efficiently handled – freeing space, eliminating labor, and increasing safety for your workers.

  • Retail Non-Food– Proper preparation of waste helps eliminate stock shrinkage.

  • Hotels & Restaurants– Helps keep your facility clean and neat, leaving a great impression with your guests.

  • Recyclers & Carters– We are the leading provider of service to all types recycling equipment.

  • Universities– Nanoia can provide equipment to your most detailed specifications.

  • Hospitals– Helps maintain proper sanitary conditions.

  • Apartment Complexes– Trash chute compactors significantly reduce labor costs.

"Nanoia has always been there for us when we have needed emergency service no matter what. They’ve been able to do things no one else was willing to attempt to repair." - Charles H, Fmr. Manager Duane Reade

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