Meet Our Team

Fred vonBargen Sr - President

He started this company back in 1985 and slowly began to build Nanoia Recycling Equipment, Inc. into what it is today. He strived to put his 20 years of experience with engineering, to repair and service the top leading recycling equipment over the years. With the promise to uphold outstanding service, he has strived to keep that reputation and continue to expand our ever-growing company. Even after all these years, the head of our company is still swinging a wrench and leading by example.

Fred vonBargen Jr - Vice President

Joined the company after graduating from college in 1991. He became sales manager in 1997 after extensive field experience. Over time he has been essential with the distribution of many of the equipment we offer today. His expertise in understanding what baler is the best fit for any customer is unparallel. He works hands on with our new customers and helps them settle in to begin the new journey of saving on recycling costs. Have a question on what equipment to get? This is your guy.

John vonBargen - Director of Operations

Joined the company in 1999, shortly after graduating from college. John expertly routes our service technicians, makes sure that truck inventory is maintained, and meets and exceeds our customer service deadlines. With the combination of knowledge of our extensive line of equipment, and knowing NY/NJ/CT like the back of his hand, he makes sure all our customers are taken care of. Have a true service emergency? John is the guy who can put your mind at ease with accurate information.

Ceska Sperrazza - Office Manager

Joined the company in 2009, Ceska became an essential part in keeping the company's book keeping in order and making sure our customers are updated every step of the way. With over 25 years of Management experience, our office manager maintains the compliance of all our finances, insurance necessities, and our customer data base. She's very passionate about her work and extremely detailed making sure all information from our office to the customer is thorough. Our customers can be put at ease when any issues arise, whether it be financial obligations, or building a trustworthy relationship with our company.

David Salomon - Sales Consultant

Joined the company in 2015, David has helped bring our sales to your door. This Marine Corps veteran A State Certified Recycling Professional, (CRP) Nationally Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professional, (SRMP) specializing in Waste Management & Recycling Diversionary Tactics, Education, Equipment needs and design, Marketing. If you put in an inquiry to get a site survey for your recycling needs, you'll most likely see David at your site to greet you and bring you the necessary information. With all the qualifications under his belt, he'll be able to guide you in the right direction to choose the best equipment to help you save on your recycling costs.

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